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Natural attraction located 10 kilometers from San Cristóbal de Las Casas, on the 190 federal highway, in the direction of the city of Comitán de Domínguez. Discovered in 1947, these caves have a single entrance, side holes with a length of 10.2 kilometers and a depth of up to 550 meters.

The Ecotourism Park of New Ranch is a natural space located 15 kilometers from the city of San Cristóbal de Las Casas. The most important thing that is in this space are some caves inside the mountain. But in addition to this attraction, Rancho Nuevo has other tourist attractions, such as a large space where you can stroll in nature, possibility of horseback riding, a very long slippery, where the little ones of the family can enjoy, and a large variety of places where you can eat, especially quesadillas de chorizo (specialty of the place).

The entrance to the site is free, but to enjoy the grottos you have to pay 10 pesos per person, which we advise visitors, since these are of great beauty. Also keep in mind that horseback riding is not free, depending on the duration of this the price will be one or the other. For everything else the slippery and the entrance to the site are free.

To get to the ecotourism park the most comfortable way is in "combi". These are the ones that go to the city of Teopisca and tell the driver that we want to stop at Rancho Nuevo, the drivers already know. The price of the trip is 10 pesos per person and the duration of about 15-20 minutes. The place from where they leave is the Diagonal Arriaga street, located in the Colonia del Cerrillo, just behind the church of Santo Domingo very close to the market center of the city.

Another way to get there is by taxi, but the cost of this is greater. It usually has a price of 50 pesos, but being a special trip it is recommended to agree the price with the taxi driver before going up, to avoid possible surprises with the price or to try to cheat them.

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and are ready to walk, because from the entrance to the enclosure, to the place where they find the caves and the leisure area (with the slide, restaurants, shops ...) there are approximately 15-20 minutes walking, so it is better to go with a comfortable clothes and that allows us to take a quiet walk through nature.


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Chiapas is one of the most beautiful states in the Mexican Republic and in this state you can find a wide variety of attractions such as natural beauties, Indian villages, archaeological ruins, beaches, adventure tourism and much more! Due to its location and biodiversity, Chiapas presents a great wealth of Climates from the warmest in summer to the coldest in winter going from 30 degrees in summer to 5 degrees in winter.