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Tzotzil community, 10 kilometers away from San Cristóbal de las Casas, at 2,260 masl, of pre-Hispanic origin that exercises its authority based on custom and customs.

San Juan Bautista, San Pedro, San Sebastian, are the three neighborhoods that make up this ceremonial center, each with its pantheon presided over by giant crosses that present Chul Metic (God Mother) and Chul Totic (God the Father), there he is the seat of authority and the place where religious syncretism gives its maximum expression: the temple of San Juan Bautista, whose deep meaning mixes the Christian tradition with the pre-Hispanic roots.

Atrium and Church.
The most important events take place in the main square of the town, such as the market, elections, political meetings and religious ceremonies. At the end of the square is the temple, preceded by a huge atrium. The church is sober, with a large locked door that only opens completely on the feast of San Juan.

Everything is guarded by the "mayoles" or police officers, who carry a "chuck" -cotton of thick white wool and a marro of hard wood like iron. Visitors are prohibited from taking photographs. Access to the interior of the church is regulated and a fee must be paid to enter.


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