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The Jovel hotel located in the neighborhood of the little hill, a few blocks from the cathedral and the main square of San Cristobal de las Casas, Jovel Hotel stands out in the region for its beautiful garden, where you can enjoy a short walk, observe hummingbirds, have a coffee and even read a good book.

It Depends on the places you will visit. In the case of San Cristobal, the Temperature may vary throughout the day so it is suggested to bring clothes for the cold (sweater, jacket, pants, etc.) The weather in other places of Chiapas such as the Sump Canyon, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiflón Waterfall, Palenque, Tapachula, Arista Port and others is very warm so it is recommended to bring fresh clothes (T-Shirt, Short, Bermuda) and accessories such as sunglasses and sunscreen.

Coming from Villahermosa, Tabasco, there are two options: Takeing the new highway by the Chiapas bridge towards Tuxtla Gutiérrez and from this city take the toll highway towards San Cristóbal. The second option is to Palenque, from Palenque take the route to Ocosingo and from Ocosingo to San Cristobal. They are approximately 5 hours of travel in this rut. On this route you can visit the Agua Azul and Misol-ha waterfalls.

Coming from Veracruz, take the new highway by the Chiapas bridge towards Tuxtla Gutiérrez and from this city take the toll highway towards San Cristóbal de las Casas. (About 6 hours).

Coming from D.F take the highway towards Cordova, Veracruz – Chiapas Bridge – Tuxtla Gutiérrez – San Cristóbal de las Casas (Going by Bus you will do about 12 – 14 hours and going by car 8 – 10 hours)

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If you want to spend the night dancing or just having a drink and listening to good live music, San Cristóbal offers a wide range of clubs and bars.

Latino´s (Salsa)
Da Da Club (Jazz)
Salón Mundial, Madre Tierra (Reggae - Ska)
Retro (Rock)
Blue Bar, Makia, Barfly (Electronic Music)
Cocodrilo's (Singbar - Karaoke)
Revolución (Varied Music daily)

There are many museums where you can get to know the Mayan-Chiapanecan culture (Na-Bolom, Mayan Medicine, Ethnographic), as well as learn about Jade and the famous amber of this region (Museo del Ambar, Museo del Jade). Several places offer exhibitions of paintings, photographs and crafts (Centro Cultural del Carmen, Museum of Popular Arts, Leñateros Workshop, Kinoki and more.) For those who are interested in Chiapas coffee, you can visit the Coffee Museum.

In typical food, there are several dishes. Here we put some of them: Mole of San Cristobal, Bread Soup, Pork Roast, Cold Meats (Butifarra, Longaniza and Leg Ham) Chili Stuffing San Cristobal style, Talchilguil (Pork Menudenia), Traditional Sweets, Rompope and COleto bread.

Indigenous handicrafts abound in San Cristobal. In the handicrafts market, next to the church of Santo Domingo, you can find from colorful embroidered fabrics to ceramics and clothes. On Real de Guadalupe Street, there is a variety of craft shops. In the center of the city there are shops to buy jewelry in amber and silver, amber with insects and sculptures in amber. Those who visit the indigenous towns like: Zinacantan, will have the opportunity to see the manufacturing process and take crafts directly from the manufacturers. And at the Posada Jovel Hotel you will find Chiapas shirts for your family, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc.

In our hotel, you can drink clearly chiapanecan coffee in the quiet atmosphere of our garden or on the solar terrace. In the city, there are also coffee shops such as: Cafeteria Maya, the jungle, San Cristobal, Madre Tierra, Del Carmen, Coffee Museum, Coffee Yik and Tierra Adentro among others.

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Hotel in San Cristóbal

Jovel Hotel is the ideal place to start your adventure through Chiapas, our comfortable rooms offer high quality lodging service, all in a strategic point of the city, one block from the tourist walker, which houses the heart of the tourist activity of the city.

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In Chiapas you will find the best places to live an unforgettable experience.

Chiapas is one of the most beautiful states in the Mexican Republic and in this state you can find a wide variety of attractions such as natural beauties, Indian villages, archaeological ruins, beaches, adventure tourism and much more!

Due to its location and biodiversity, Chiapas presents a great wealth of Climates from the warmest in summer to the coldest in winter going from 30 degrees in summer to 5 degrees in winter.