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The San Cristóbal museums highlight the amazing indigenous culture and the rich traditions of Chiapas. Start your cultural immersion at Casa Na-Bolom, a museum and research center housed in the former private home of anthropologists Franz and Trudy Blom. Along with a collection of pre-Hispanic artifacts, books and photographs, this important tourist attraction in Chiapas also offers guest rooms, a garden and a restaurant. The Bloms dedicated their lives to studying and documenting the indigenous peoples of the Chiapas region, especially the Lacandon peoples of eastern Chiapas.

The Museum of Mayan Medicine of San Cristóbal is run by a group of indigenous healers, midwives and herbalists. The museum's exhibits are focused on Mayan medicine, herbs and healing rituals, many of which are still practiced today by Mayan Indians living in the highland villages around San Cristóbal.

The Chiapas region is one of the world's leading producers of amber. Most of it is extracted around the town of Simijoval, located north of San Cristóbal.

At the Amber Museum, housed in the former convent of La Merced in San Cristóbal, we can see an extensive collection of raw amber and carved amber and learn about the extraction processes. The history of jade in Chiapas dates back to the pre-Hispanic civilizations that inhabited central and southern Mexico.

Jade MuseumJADE is a mystical precious stone that for the ancient peoples of Mesoamerica, was a symbol of immortality, eternity, power, love; the most precious thing in life. In San Cristóbal de Las Casas, the doors of an enclosure dedicated to exalting beauty and history, through art carved in the divine stone known as Jade, are open.

In our museum graphics spaces you can admire objects and jewels related to eight of the main cultures of the Mesoamerican area; Mocaya, Olmeca, Teotihuacana, Mixteca, Zapotec, Maya, Toltec and Aztec.

One of the highlights of the visit to our museum is the admiration of the replica of the Kinich Janab Pakal Mausoleum, the eleventh Ruler Maya of the ancient city that we know today as Palenque, in which the body of the character shines with all his jewels of jade and the clothing of the time, at the time of his funeral in the year 683 of our era when he dies as ruler and is received in this colorful sepulcher by the Bolontiku, the nine lords of the night, to also become God.

For the ancient peoples of Mesoamerica, no material, neither gold and silver, was as valuable as jade.

The Nabolom Museum is a beautiful neoclassical building built in 1891, originally intended to be a seminar. The house was restored, furnished and inhabited by Frans Blom and Gertrude Duby with the most exquisite taste of the greatest collectors and its deep imprint is appreciated in every corner. Pre-Columbian, ethnographic, historical and documentary objects coexist in harmony with art in all forms of expression, especially the popular one of the region. The trees, plants and buildings have made this space the favorite of all visitors to San Cristóbal de Las Casas.

Cocoa MuseumLocated in the colonial city of San Cristóbal de las Casas, in the region of the high mountains of Chiapas, our house is full of history and tradition. Here you can get in intimate contact with the secrets that surround cocoa and the main derivative of this valuable fruit, chocolate.

We take you by the hand to know the biological origin of the plant and the processes that intervene in the transformation of the seed, until arriving at your palate in multiple presentations. In addition to a great passion for chocolate we have a great love for our culture. Cacao is a biological contribution from Chiapas to Mexico and from Mexico it has become known to the whole world.

Jtatik Samuel MuseumThe museum was created mainly to rescue the historical memory of the important events that have marked the state of Chiapas, as well as to make known the trajectory of Monsignor Samuel Ruiz in his intervention for the defense of human rights and his struggle for peace , hoping to sow in the hearts of visitors the desire to continue fighting for it from generosity, respect and defense of the common good between cultures and religions.

As an introduction, in the museum you can appreciate the representation of a Mayan priest, a review of the Mayan culture, the conquest, castes (racial mixture), evangelization and, with it, some religious pieces of the XVIII century.


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In Chiapas you will find the best places to live an unforgettable experience.

Chiapas is one of the most beautiful states in the Mexican Republic and in this state you can find a wide variety of attractions such as natural beauties, Indian villages, archaeological ruins, beaches, adventure tourism and much more! Due to its location and biodiversity, Chiapas presents a great wealth of Climates from the warmest in summer to the coldest in winter going from 30 degrees in summer to 5 degrees in winter.