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The restaurant of the Jovel Hotel in San Cristobal de las Casas offers all its visitors an ample menu, sheltered by a 100% environment of the mountain of Chiapas. The food of Chiapas is a delicious mixture of indigenous and Spanish influences.

Regional cuisine, in and around San Cristóbal, is different from the cuisine of other places in Mexico. In San Cristóbal you will find a great variety of dishes based on beef, pork and chicken, prepared with herbs and local seasonings that, on occasion, use less chili than in other regions of the country.

The gastronomy of San Cristóbal de las Casas was born from the conjunction of that pre-Hispanic food with the European one whose diversity lies mainly in seeds, vegetables and herbs in conjunction with some birds and smaller species mixed with pork and beef of origin Spanish and the most traditional species, such as pepper, raisins and saffron, which is widely used to make tamales, stew chicken or make bread soup.

In our restaurant, not only will you come into intimate contact with the flavors and aromas of the regional food of Chiapas, but it will take a bit of history and tradition in your palate, as each dish is prepared and cooked with old recipes that combined with the new culinary trends result in whimsical flavors that are ready to satisfy the most demanding tourism.


Hotel in San Cristóbal

Jovel Hotel is the ideal place to start your adventure through Chiapas, our comfortable rooms offer high quality lodging service, all in a strategic point of the city, one block from the tourist walker, which houses the heart of the tourist activity of the city.

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In Chiapas you will find the best places to live an unforgettable experience.

Chiapas is one of the most beautiful states in the Mexican Republic and in this state you can find a wide variety of attractions such as natural beauties, Indian villages, archaeological ruins, beaches, adventure tourism and much more!

Due to its location and biodiversity, Chiapas presents a great wealth of Climates from the warmest in summer to the coldest in winter going from 30 degrees in summer to 5 degrees in winter.